Nudism and people who confuse it with sexuality

I have a feeling some of who followed me on twitter are just hoping I post a pic of my boobs. Many confuse nudism with sexuality. Sure we are nude for sex but a nudist is nude for so much more than that. I am nude for coffee, listening to music, watching movies, hanging out doing nothing, doing chores, light cooking (I put clothes on for anything involving hot oil), and just basic living. I would like to restate that nudism is not about sex for me or for quite a few other people. We are here to enjoy our natural state and nothing more. Being nude does not mean I want to do sexual things with you. I do not respond to any of that. I simply enjoy being nude and free in my own skin.

been a while since I blogged

I have been away from both here and twitter too long. Well I’m here again so thought I’d write a blog. Still been having issues with my heater but its mostly fixed now so I can be nude. I still miss summer. Actually it will just be nice when spring is here again. Winter isn’t great. I tried going outside today nude and pretty much was freezing. Well at least I can be nude indoors. Its warm enough in here now. I’d like to do more art but just haven’t found the time. I need to work on my drawing skills. I took some photos today though that I can work off of.

Its feeling like winter

Its been really cold. And my heater broke so I was trying to use a space heater but really it just took the edge off. Due to that, I have not been nude much lately. I miss it. I can’t wait for Spring when it will warm up. I truly miss the hot days of summer and all the nude lounging I could do both day and night. Come back summer! The heater is getting fixed soon though. They have to order some parts. Maybe then I can enjoy some nude time. Although the heat is expensive so I don’t always turn it on. Such is life.


some thoughts on tumblr and nudism there

I have used tumblr. I thought I could just post some depictions of nudism. Well what has happened is a ton follow me who are into porn. I am not really into porn so I don’t follow them back. I have mixed feelings about using tumblr now. I think the people who are into porn are not really understanding why I have posted nudism photos. They are getting something else out of it and I’m not sure I like it. I’m considering getting rid of my tumblr. Another thing that is occurring is I see the same photos posted over and over so its gets boring. So I’m not sure I’ll keep my tumblr. For now I’m just going to take a break from it. I do like some of the people I follow though and those are the actual nudists who share my viewpoint on nudism. Nudism is not about porn. It seems on tumblr there is too much porn and a lot of it gets mixed up with stuff to do with nudism. Those are just my thoughts for today about tumblr.